RAKE   STAR   ARK   ESTRA                

RAKESTAR ARKESTRA is an 8-piece jazz band from Ottawa, Canada, inspired by the creative genius of the great jazz iconoclast SUN RA.

RAKESTAR was formed by the collision of 14 gaseous objects in the year 2000 A.D., cooling and condensing finally to its current size of 8; and deriving its name – with loving respect – from Sun Ra’s own beloved Intergalactic Research Arkestra (or Myth Science Arkestra, or Astro-Solar-Infinity Arkestra, or Omniverse Jet Set Arkestra).

RAKESTAR recorded original and Ra material and released “Some Ra” on the intrepid SPOOL label. They led the parade at the GUELPH JAZZ FESTIVAL; locked horns with GAMELAN SEMARA WINANGUN’s metallophones at the OTTAWA INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL; and paraded through the FEATHERSTON AUTISM UNIT with dozens of lively young spirits.

Most recently RAKESTAR congregated with the Ottawa choir TONE CLUSTER in the Church of the Ascension, under the conduction of firebrand vocalist CHRISTINE DUNCAN, to pay  loving and vocal tribute to their navigational star, Sun Ra. It was a concert spectacle that lifted many hearts and blew a few minds. “SUNG RA: Songs of Sun Ra” rocked the house of worship.